Workstation Patches – Going the Way of AV Updates

It’s interesting to watch the changing attitude to patching on workstations. I’m probably a bit behind the eight ball on this stuff – patching has never been a favorite subject of mine (I get frustrated with the amount of time and effort patching can take up with no real visible value created). But what’s interesting is the move from patching being something that has to be done very carefully to something that is just “par for the course”. Organisations expect to have to do it so you no longer get the push back we used to get.

It’s a bit like AV – when it first became commonplace, there was an update once a week (or even once a month!) and change control was required to get it out there. Now it just happens as often per day as is necessary. The danger of course is that it’s now easy to forget about it. The first you know that something isn’t working right in your organisation is when you get an outbreak of something nasty. (Welcome security metrics!)

I wonder how long it will be before patching is as invisible on workstations? We must be getting close – I’m watching apps on the iPhone update very regularly – not that big a jump to see it be that regular (and transparent) on Windows.

Or is that wishful thinking?

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