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I was doing some reading on the hack and stumbled onto a reference to a Risky Business podcast on probablistic risk assessments. It’s a great argument as to why risk assessment does not work well in the information security space.  The basic thesis is you can’t assign a probability to a serious attacker.    […]

Very belatedly I’ve been looking into the Stuxnet worm. Interesting new world we find ourselves in. This thing was surgical – not only damaging the equipment but hiding its footsteps. The question you have to ask though is if this is the one we know about – how many are out there that we don’t?

Network World have an interesting article based on a Forrester research report on iPhone and iPad security, arguing it’s good enough for most cases.

I’ve been thinking about a concept lately that came up in a discussion around security’s “Hierarchy of Needs”. Most people would be familiar with the basic concept from Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs – the idea being that all humans have a set of needs, and the higher level needs can never be truly satisfied until […]