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Read an interesting article Gartner: Companies shouldn’t bother banning Facebook, social networking this morning around Gartner’s security guy Andrew Walls and his view on the value of blocking social media. I tend to agree with his argument that security people risk loosing credibility if they keep saying these sites are dangerous when people use them […]

And this is interesting as well. The old question of how do you know the person you are talking to online is who you think they are. Although you gotta ask – why would anyone just hit accept on a friend request from someone they didn’t know? Education in this space just has to get […]

I’ve been following the whole Facebook privacy saga with great interest. It’s good to see that Facebook are about to put in some fixes. Some would argue a little too late – but then the business of Facebook is about dealing in people’s private information, so I would have been surprised if they jumped to […]