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I read No pic, no fly plan for airports in The Age yesterday with a small amount of dismay.  It’s always frustrating to see security measures that seem to be more about the appearance of security rather than the reality, and which will negatively impact the users (or travellers in this case). I’m really not […]

I was forwarded an article today from the BBC news website – Zurich Insurance fined £2.3m over customers’ data loss .  It’s a fairly standard article about a financial institution being fined for  losing customer data. What really struck me though was a comment in the article from the FSA – “Firms across the financial sector would […]

Didn’t take long – for a site that is a link of another site that is not high up in Google – 2 and a bit weeks. Scary how quick they are!

Well – it looks like the time has come to play with blogs and thoughts. Given my interests are primarily around information security – my guess is that this will turn into a set of random thoughts on the topic!